BOMI-HP: The High-Performance, Environmental Sustainability Designation

June 26, 2019 | By: Molly Looman

What does it mean to run a highperformance building? The task to make large-scale systems work efficiently and environmentally can seem daunting. With occupancy demand on the rise, it may seem there is more needed for a building engineer or facilities manager to create a high-performance building.  

BOMI has created a program to bring industry professionals skills up to new heights. The BOMI-HP Sustainable Buildings Program is aimed at furthering the education of those who seek to increase the environmental sustainability of their properties. 

The BOMI-HP designation is a three-course program that delves into the principles, investments and practices involved in creating a high-performance, sustainable property. Participants will learn how to create sustainability initiatives, integrate high performance standards into their future projects and implement cost-saving practices. The BOMI-HP designation does not only build on someone’s current skills, but it makes them an active member of the future of environmentally efficient building.  

Earning the designation shows employers that an engineer is committed to environmentally sustainable property management. This is a topic that has become increasingly important in the last few years. With new technologies such as LED lights and efficient HVAC systems increasing energy savings and producing more sustainable buildings, completing a course on these practices will make any building engineer an asset.  

“The BOMI-HP designation has provided me with practical tools and insights to apply environmental sustainability and high-performance operations within my portfolio,” general manager at Granite Properties Kinsey Hinkson said. “This has led to increased efficiency, profitability, and sustainable impact. 

The course covers sustainability in all major areas of property management such as water systems, transportation alternatives, sustainable renovation and financing. Created by BOMA members, LEED certified engineers and environmental researchers, this program has been created to tackle all aspects of the issue in a thorough and relevant way.  The course has also been designed to fit into the schedule of a full-time professional.  

Vice President of Property Operations for America’s Capital Partners Judi Sponsel is a holder of the BOMI HP designation and said it added value both to her own career and her company.  She said the course gave her the ability to create clear packages that stressed the importance of energy savings and how it could positively affect companies cost-wise. She said investors began to take notice and appreciate projects geared towards creating high-performance buildings. 

This course is unique in that it fully covers three areas that are not readily available. By teaching building investments, sustainable building practices and sustainable building principles, this course produces individuals with a well-rounded knowledge of highperformance building standards.  

With tenant demand for sustainable practices growing, and the rise of “Green Buildings” in the market, the BOMI-HP designation can prove vital in the planning and maintaining of a high-performance real estate asset. 




Kinsey Hinkson, Email Interview 

Judi Sponsel, Email Interview 

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